About the Firm

Associate Attorney

Mr. Alch has devoted his entire career to litigating medical malpractice, and defective medical device cases. He has helped the firm obtain over $275 million for victims of personal injuries, including some of the largest medical malpractice settlements in California and Nevada history. In 1988, Mr. Alch began his career as an attorney defending and medical providers, hospitals, HMOs and manufacturers in medical malpractice and product liability cases. In 1997, Mr. Alch brought his extensive knowledge of the strategies that medical providers, insurance companies, HMOs and manufacturers employed to defend themselves, and began representing injured victims with the Law Offices of Dr. Bruce G. Fagel and Associates.

Legal Responsibilities and Accomplishments

Mr. Alch has extensive experience litigating cases involving brain damage, birth injuries, paralysis, death, and cancer. Mr. Alch has successfully litigated cases involving all types of medical malpractice including obstetrical and surgical malpractice, hospital malpractice, nursing malpractice, and HMO malpractice, as well as cases involving defective medical devices. Mr. Alch has also successfully argued before the Court of Appeals. Over the years, as part of recovering over $275 million for plaintiffs, Mr. Alch has helped the firm's clients obtain some of the largest medical malpractice settlements in California and Nevada, including:

$11 million in Bakersfield for a child who sustained kernicterus from excessive levels of bilirubin and jaundice, $10 million in Riverside for a patient who suffered a perforated bowel, $9 million in Las Vegas for a premature baby who suffered aspyhxia and brain damage, $8.86 million in Los Angeles for a child whose is on lifetime TPN because of a perforated bowel obstruction, $8.2 million in Long Beach for a baby who suffered hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, cerebral palsy and seizures from a negligent delivery, $7.5 million in Alameda County for a child who suffered brain injury from a negligent delivery and resuscitation, and then received brain cooling treatment and required a gastrostomy tube for feeding, $7.5 million in Modesto for a child who suffered a traumatic birth injury resulting in cerebral palsy, $7.5 million in Fresno for a baby who has cerebral palsy and seizures, and $7.2 million in Sacramento for a baby who suffered ischemic brain damage in the neonatal intensive care unit.


Mr. Alch received his Bachelor's Degree in 1985 from UCLA, and his Law Degree in 1988 from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. Mr. Alch is admitted to practice law in California, Nevada and Arizona. He was admitted to practice law in California in 1988, Nevada in 1999, and Arizona in 2010. Mr. Alch litigates in counties throughout California, Nevada and Arizona, as well as in the Federal Courts. Mr. Alch has also represented plaintiffs in Washington, and affiliates with local counsel to assist the firm.

Mr. Alch received a Commendation from the City of Lancaster for his accomplishments as a medical malpractice attorney for plaintiffs. Mr. Alch's successes have been featured on TV, in newspapers, and in magazines.

Professional Associations

  • Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles
  • Consumer Attorneys Association of California
  • Nevada Trial Lawyers Association
  • Arizona Trial Lawyers Association

Community Involvement

Mr. Alch is a member of the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles, Consumer Attorneys Association of California, Nevada Trial Lawyers Association, and the Arizona Trial Lawyers Association. Mr. Alch has for many years volunteered his time to the public schools and as a AYSO soccer coach. Along with his wife and two teenage daughters, Mr. Alch has held an annual fundraiser for nearly a decade that supports a local food bank, the men and women of the Armed Forces and a local toy drive.