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Autism affects millions of kids and adults across the United States, and tens of millions of people worldwide. The term autism refers to a brain development disorder that can interfere with someone's ability to react socially as well as their verbal skills. Autistic people often also experience problems that include repetitive behaviors and the inability to express themselves to others normally. There are also often difficulties with motor skills and some physical problems that typically include sleep and stomach related issues. In most cases, autism symptoms do not appear until someone is approximately two to three years old. The number of autistic people has grown at an alarming rate: about a ten to seventeen percent increase in the last several years. While the exact cause of autism is not known, doctors are making new breakthroughs to help better understand this issue and why it is happening to children.

What is Autism?

  • What is Autism? – This page explains what autism is, who suffers from autism, some possible causes, and much more.
  • Autism Fact Sheet – You can find an overview of autism, as well as signs and how it is often diagnosed by going to this page.
  • What is Autism and What Causes It? – Read here to learn more about autism, what it is, the symptoms, and possible causes.
  • The Autism Science Foundation – This organization works to help people better understand autism, what it is, and what can be done to help.
  • About Autism – This page gives a brief overview of what autism is and leads to other information about it for the reader.



Diagnosis and treatment

  • Exams and Tests – This page has information on some exams and tests that can be done to help diagnose autism.
  • Diagnostic Criteria – Here is some detailed information on what doctors are looking for when making a diagnosis of autism.
  • Screening and Diagnosis – You will find scientific information on the diagnostic process for autism here.
  • Diagnosing Autism – Discover how autism is diagnosed, who can diagnose it, and what the recommended medical measures are here.
  • Biomedical Treatment – Here is some information about potential biomedical treatment for autism.
  • Stem Cell Therapy for Autism – There is research being done to use stem cell treatment as therapy for autism.
  • Treating a Toddler with Autism – This page has some good advice and options for treating toddlers with autism.


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